January 11, 2023
Trish Arab

Haley Rosen Just Women Sports - Get With It

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What motivated Haley Rosen, a former professional soccer player, create the amazing Just Women Sports? It was an idea that had been in the All-Pac 12 midfielder’s mind as early as when she was playing at Stanford.  There really has been historically a lack of attention put onto women in sports.  We live in an age where content is available everywhere we look, but in the sports world, it still is majorly focused on men in whichever game they play.  

Women are using their voices and their platforms to bring attention to the excitement and talent that comes through women in sport.  Wages, access, equipment, whether we are talking NWSL or the WNBA, if we look at the world of competitive gymnastics, tennis – women are still being taken advantage of, and being treated as less then.  This is a practice that needs to stop, and part of how this happens is by shining a spotlight on the amazing and talented women that are breaking records and pushing boundaries every single day.  Just Women Sports does just that.  

Our hosts Camille Buxeda and Jianni Smith are a part of this movement along with WSlam that shine the spotlight on the top women’s basketball players in the world.  This episode was a perfect collaboration between these three women and their organizations, and show that the future of women in sports, is super bright.

WSLAM Presents “Get With It”, The women's ball podcast of the basketball bible. Hosts Camille Buxeda and Jianni Smith will chat all levels of women's hoops from top high school prospects to the WNBA and provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content from some of the iconic WSLAM shoots featured in the mag. It is a podcast made to celebrate the game and the women who make it special.

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