July 25, 2023

Grant Williams on "Run Your Race" Podcast (2 minutes)

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By Trish Arab

"Run Your Race" was back with a second special episode for the week and a very special guest, Grant Williams.  Williams, fresh off a solid NBA Finals run with the Boston Celtics in the 2023 playoffs, Vice President of the NBA Players Association, and newly signed to a massive contract with the Dallas Mavericks, sat down to discuss all things basketball with host Theo Pinson (our co-host AJ Richardson gets another fine for missing a recording, but we know he's out there taking care of business so it's nothing by love).

This was a pretty intense episode, I have to say, and one that got a lot of exposure from fans, mainstream media, and even some other NBA players.  This is because, once again, Theo manages to bring out the best in his guests and get all the information we fans are dying to know (and some info we didn't even think about asking).  

One of my favourite parts was talking about his time playing on Team CP3 with Harry Giles and a favourite player of mine, Josh Okogie, a relative unknown at the time.  Possibly the best CP3 team in History, no offence to our host and other alum.  Hearing these stories years later is just as exciting as hearing about those 2023 NBA Eastern Conference Finals against Miami just a few months ago.

Theo's chemistry with each of these guests is magical.  Why do we love each of these episodes more than the last?  It's because each sit down feels like a conversation between friends that we just happened to get invited to.  You can't help but smile (I know, I see how often I repeat myself in these episode reviews, but seriously I can't help it - Theo one-on-one with these guys makes me so happy; it's pure entertainment).

I don't follow much college basketball (don't at me, please), so hearing about all of the moments and controversies from Gran't college career (and what was happening around him then) makes me want to start watching college basketball.  Like Theo says, "That shit was crazy."  

But ouf, if the college drama was something, it was nothing compared to the drama around the Celtics, particularly in the 21/22 and 22/23 seasons, and Grant is here to tell us all about it.  
If you still need to watch - you have to - the episode even had Kevin Durrant clapping back.  Who we haven't heard from yet, though (at least not since the last time I checked), is Jimmy Butler - every fan saw the blowup between Williams and Butler in the conference final -  tap in to hear what was really said and what the fallout was from it.

We hear what the locker room was like when there was hype and when there were tears.  He talks about his future with Dallas and his hopes for his future there: another out-of-this-world episode, another entertaining and informative interview.  Forget about a chip; someone give Theo an Emmy.

Watch the full episode below, and tap in to listen to "Run Your Race" on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.