October 19, 2023
Hong Lau

Finally, Fakers Dawns Korea (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

This is my favourite time of the year. All my esports fans, specifically league fans, know it’s time for World 2023. We’ll keep the article as short as possible because there are so many teams and much to cover. This is the first worlds in history that the GOAT has been able to play on home soil. This is a storyline in and of itself: Faker playing in South Korea in worlds! If Fakers win, the meme will be that Riot Scripted this. But it has truly been a long time coming, and it is on his tenth anniversary in 2013 when he made his debut to the world and won his first championship.

There are legit 6 teams that could win this tournament. Let me spare you the surprise: it’s not any team from EU or NA lmao. I recently had a rental car with TSM as the licence plate, and we joked that NA is winning worlds. Shoutout to TSM though; they may be in an elite league and eventually get their wish of being ultra competitive on an international stage. G2, as always, will be the best Western team, but don’t be surprised if NRG steps up to the plate. I’m not saying NRG has a chance, but they’ve always played better against better competition / play to the level of their competition. It’ll be interesting to watch and see if this is actually a thing!

All top three seeds of Korea and China can win. I would even give the fourth seed in China a chance. JDG, Weibo, LNG and BLG all have a shot, in my opinion. I think GenG has a chance, but they’ll flop on the international stage as usual. We all know T1 will have their international / Faker buff and show up, make it to the top 4 and find a way to blow a 2-1 lead in a 5-game series. And I believe that as long as you have Showmaker and Canyon on a team, you have a puncher chance. Canyon is always running gigacircles around jungles with his pathing and approach to the game. At the same time, showmaker hasn’t looked like the best midlaner in the world this year. He is still a world champion, and I believe he has had time to figure it out and regain his confidence.

BNG has Bin - enough said, lol. JDG is the clear favourite for the tournament and in China. They are sporting RULER … the best ADC in the world, along with Knight and Kanavi and the versatile 369.   I can’t see how this team loses to any other team other than T1 (see previous series). LNG has Gala - I think the scene’s best Kaisa in the world, and Kaisa is in the meta. Gala is def top 3 in his position, and he might be second right after Ruler. Weibo got TheShy - enough said, lol, but they also have Xiaohu, one of the most seasoned players in the tournament and an MSI championship.

I’m excited for it to be in Korea. It’s always a crazy time, and Korean fans always show out. The last time we were in Korea, China was victorious!

I am going with my heart on this one …. T1 FIGHTING!!! Faker will win on his tenth-year anniversary and his first appearance at worlds on home soil.

Write up the script and get Faker to the promised land.