June 2, 2023

Fast, Fun and Fearless: Surfing the Seas (2 minute read)

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By Pen Moodz

Fast. Fun. Fearless.

Three words that describe what the month of May has felt like for the team here at Tidal League. For the past 31 days, we have been fearless in charting new waters, and because of it, we have had an incredible amount of fun, regardless of how fast the days have been moving.

Similarly, the above three words embody the boldness of my new favourite activity – surfing. 50-foot waves no longer scare me when I’m with my trusted brothers, Jordan and Devante. If you recall, we kicked off our newest project at the beginning of the month - Surfin The Sea - and what a journey it has been.

On May 4th, we re-launched the Tidal League TikTok and assumed the roles of Jedi as we set course to unravel the lessons of our newly created realm. With mic in hand and camera at the ready, we leapt atop our boards and surfed amongst the Toronto faithful. From the CN tower, to Kensington market, we talked to fans from all over Canada and the United States who were here to cheer on their sports teams.  We even saw the Toronto Maple Leafs take a solid run for a Stanley Cup championship.

What did we learn, you ask?

We learned that when Jordan has the mic in hand, our community bursts with excitement and pours their hearts, feelings and emotions for the world to hear. We learned that we had landed on a gold mine of fun. We learned that we have spectacular humans in our city whose story deserves more light.

With the support from our friends at BioSteel, we recently unveiled their newest flavours, Pink Lemonade and Red Rally Splash, at a recent TFC game. The response was just as refreshing as the drink. Our favourite moment from the day, however, was kicking off a debate that caused the utmost controversy. In less than 24 hours, the discussion garnered over 40,000 views, 5000+ likes and 500 comments. It’s safe to say the opinions and passions of our football fanatics here in Toronto run deep.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

That said, we have some exciting things lined up for the rest of the summer. If you see us, Surfin, in your city, stop and say wussup.

Peace and love, my friends.

See you on the next surf.