January 30, 2023

Tipping the Scales Facing your Fears

In a show that has always been about finding balance, this week's episode of "Tipping the Scales" takes on a topic that can really leave us far from it - fear.

Whether it's the fear of career change, a phobia of spiders, a fear of being hurt by love, fear does not have to be rational to actually have a real impact on you.

Tyneeha and Lesheala decide that 2023 is going to be the year where they do not let fear stop them and they are challenging us all to do the same. So this is a different sort of post; it's less opinion and more a call to action - let us know what some of your fears are, lets talk about what they are, how you've overcome them, and any advice you may have for anyone going through something similar.

We will try to keep things as confidential as you'd like - but as you share, we will add to this post. Just like the show, let's use this space as a way to help achieve the balance you need to thrive.

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