December 18, 2023
Hong Lau

F1 Season End (1 minute read)

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I felt the need to write something around F1.

Forgive me, as this article may be all over the place! I would say this has been a "snooze fest" for your casual fan. On the other hand, I think it's been an incredible year for Formula 1. This year, we've been blessed with the comeback of McLaren, which in turn is the return of Lando Norris on a podium. People honestly forget how FAST Lando Norris is… he may be the second fastest on the grid. We've also had the pleasure of watching an "incredible talent" in Oscar's Piastri make his debut this year. He exceeded my expectations and had a solid rookie year. (Winning a sprint is nothing to sneeze at).

We've also seen the return of the Honey Badger, Danny Ricciardo. I've been on record saying that I didn't believe Danny was worth all the hype, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy to see him back on the grid. Danny may have a larger-than-life personality than anyone else on the grid and an infectious energy, which we were missing for the year's first half.

On the flip side, how quickly we've forgotten about Nyck deVries, I don't feel for him losing his seat because he performed poorly. But at the end of the day, you feel for him as a competitor who has a whole year to prove himself. On another AlphaTauri note, no one talks about how well Liam Lawson performed in his short stint for Danny's injury. I would like to see him in a seat in 2025. I think he's proven he deserves a seat. It doesn't have to be on a good or mediocre team, but it should be somewhere on the grid.

We can't discount the Ferrari television show we watch with all their errors and botched pit wall calls 😂😂. As a Ferrari fan, you hate to see it, but it's another storyline for all F1 fans to laugh at 😂.
Carlos had his intense moments, and Charles did as well. This year had you asking one question… why does this car lack race pace?

Aston Martin slowed down as the year continued. I assume they have a CRAZY arc in development for next year.