May 28, 2024
Hong Lau

F1 Monaco Grand Prix: a Hero's Homecoming for Charles LeClerc (2 minute read)

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It was a wonderful day to be a fan of Ferrari on Sunday, but even more just a fan of the sport and the storylines that are told. 

Charles LeClerc, a native of Monaco, saw his childhood dream come true this weekend-winning the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. This victory, achieved on the very streets he used to walk as a child, is a testament to his passion and dedication to the sport. 

Everyone familiar with Motorsport understands the significance of Formula One when it shows up in Monaco. There are more boats every year, more star power and the amount of wealth that floods the streets of Monaco for this one weekend is INSANE. For someone who grew up as a Monegasque, it must have been a surreal moment to win a race on the streets where you grew up. 

For any other driver like Lewis or Max, you don't grow up walking on the track of Silverstone or Spa/Zandvoort every day, but in Monaco, you grow up wandering the streets of the course as a youth, which is an incredible feat. 

Overall, the weekend was as advertised; there was a lot of flash and fun up until Sunday! Qualifying was good and exciting. You legit thought the top 4 teams could have someone on the pole. Monaco is all about putting that one lap together (which, if you can ride the wall and the line very well, you can potentially be on a pole with a car that usually wouldn't be). It's always interesting to hear how drivers spoke about Monaco as a rhythm race, where you need to have a good first drive and keep the momentum and rhythm of the track. That's what drivers believe to be the key to the success of Monaco. 


I would recap too much more, but I did have a feeling Red Bull wasn't going to be strong, and they had a horrendous weekend. Mercedes really needs to figure out their act and start producing a quality product to compete with the rest. Is it safe to say that McLaren is the second best team on the grid? Definitely not, but they are competing for number two with Ferrari. 


I love that although Red Bull has the best car this year, there is not a clear favourite yet, as Ferrari and McLaren can give them a run for their money on any given track if they bring their "A" game. 

The Constructors Championship is within striking range for Ferrari at the moment, and it should shape out to be a full rest of the year. I think we'll have a clear picture by the end of the summer break on which team will win, and if I'm a betting man, I'm probably picking Red Bull to have some crazy upgrades headed out the summer break. 

One last random thought:

It was interesting to hear F1TV's final call on the race (Shoutout to Crofty; I still prefer your broadcast, lol). They spoke about how Charles told his father a lie that he signed a Formula 1 contract before he did because his father was severely ill. 

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