April 25, 2023

F1 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023 Race Week

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

By Hong Lau

We are finally back into race week and I am as excited as ever. Baku is one of the most interesting courses, in my opinion, just due to the versatility of the circuit and it being a street one. With a 2+KM straight, the multiple chicanes coming at you, attacking the uphill castle part of the circuit it really is special.

Enough about the course.

Man are we headed into a very excited weekend. Baku give us the first Sprint race of the season, which is always an excited time for me. I feel the F1 world is split, you either love it or you hate the idea of a “Sprint”. Either way it does provide for a new variable and also makes it a lot more fun because we got qualy on Friday!!!

The talk around the paddock is that Mercedes has found some serious time, and been able to pinpoint their areas of opportunities during their wind tunnel sessions.

Now do I expect the W14 to be completely competitive and challenge the Bulls?  Hell no not at least until summer break, if I were to give it a timeline. It should be interesting though, as George Russell has come out and shown some confidence in the development path.

Typically the Silver Arrows camp really doesn’t speak with confidence unless they are almost certain they’ve figured some stuff out. As of last week, and maybe the worst kept secret, they officially brought back James Allison the mastermind behind the W11.

I think for Formula One as a whole, Mercedes being competitive is crucial for the overall enjoyment, and competition aspect. I as a fan would love to see George keeping for a championship and Lewis being afforded the opportunity to get his 8th. This is no different than when the Lakers, Celtics or Knicks are bad.

My quick prediction; Red Bull absolutely dominates this weekend (don’t think anyone will disagree here).

My hot take; Checo actually wins as he typically performs so well on street circuits and Ferrari, will have an abysmal showing (sad times coming from a Ferrari fan).

Till next time friends.