June 10, 2024
Hong Lau

F1 - Canadian Grand Prix (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

For a Grand Prix that I never EVER cared about attending, that being the Canadian Grand Prix, it was one of the most entertaining races in a while that I could remember.

The saying is that rain is the ultimate equalizer in Formula 1, and boy, did it do its job in this race. First, we'll start off by giving George Russell his flowers for getting on the pole in such tricky conditions.

The Canadian Grand Prix has always been one of my favourite tracks to drive on in any simulator or F1 game. It is such a fun circuit, and it provides so many very tricky parts, too; it puts a lot of strain on your tyres and can cause a tricky strategy when you add the rain, which seems to elevate that aspect.

With all that being said… are we going to credit George Russell or are we going to credit Mercedes for developing the car. I think it's safe to say that Mercedes has been trending in the right direction over the last couple of races, and it seems that their team has started to understand the car. It was very interesting that Lewis continued to say this was one of the worst races of his career. Two things come to mind.

A) He's downplaying George Russell's success and saying that the car has a lot more to give 

B) He believes that he truly didn't drive well this weekend, and the car really should have won this weekend 

Lewis Hamilton has been a very interesting topic in my opinion since he left for Ferrari. In my opinion, he seems checked out. Other people say he looks washed, and then, on the flip side, he always says he's experimenting with different setups. I don't know what to think about everything going on… what we'll have to wait on is the next season of Drive to Survive lol. 

This truly was anyone's race to win, but as usual, the best racer with the best car (I don't think his car was dominant on this track) won out. Max showed why he is Max Verstappen by making the least number of mistakes, which led him to victory.

Obviously, we saw George and Lando make their fair share of errors, and that led them to give up their positions. I think both of them are eager to win as they have a grand total of 2 combined compared to Max's 50+ wins, lol. With the number of DNFs and incidents we had, it was just a fun race. To be honest, I was under the weather the whole time, and all I could think about was how fun it was because of the rain, and it seemed to be a competitive race throughout the entirety of it.

Some side notes 

  • Oscar Piastri seems like he's along the lines of a Max Verstappen with giving up space and being uber-aggressive while racing (some may call him dirty)
  • That was a brilliant call by Haas, and that's what I love about this sport. Split decisions and different strategies can determine your outcome in a race. 
  • I'm so done with Lance Stroll, lol.
  • Why the F*** did Red Bull re-sign Checo (that's a different conversation for a different day)