November 1, 2023
Hong Lau

Emmanuel Mudiay joins "Run Your Race" (1 minute read)

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Another week, another great Run Your Race Episode. We yet again welcome another one of Theo’s 2014 class to the podcast, and I don’t think this one disappoints. Emmanuel was a polarizing prospect due to his comparisons, potential and “baggage.”

You may remember Emmanuel as the “cherry on top” of an incredible recruiting class for Larry Brown and SMU. That all changed quickly as he had allegations from the NCAA and was forced to take his talents to China. But was he really forced lmao? He did get 1.2 MILLION as an 18-year-old to go overseas - shoutout to him.

Emmanuel was really outspoken and decided to speak his mind. He talks about the politics of the NBA and how that really affected his love for the game. At one point in the podcast, he admitted that he no longer loves the game. He also gets into what it was like to be a part of that Utah Jazz team that “started the COVID domino,” with Rudy Gobert touching all the microphones in that infamous press conference. Emmanuel tells a hilarious story on how the internet stays undefeated.

All in all, it’s a great episode that you’ve got to listen to as a fan of hoops or just a great story!

Tap in to watch below.