January 11, 2023

Elaine Thompson-Herah Fastest Woman Alive - Fast Lane Lifestyle

An appropriate guest for a show called Fast Lane Lifestyle this week in Elaine Thompson-Herah, she is currently the fastest woman alive in the 100m dash, and third fastest ever in the over 200m, but her speed isn’t what brings her to sit down with our hosts Alyshia and Asafa Powell today. No, these three share a long and solid friendship, and the conversation that comes up between them shows how deep and rich their history is.

An area that the group discuss in detail is the reality of the cutthroat world track that she and Asafa exist in.  The expectations, the pressure, especially on the national stage, and the reality of athlete sponsorship you don’t see behind the smiling faces in ads and on social media. “If you go to a contest and you lose, that contract (sic) cuts. They will not save your life. This is a business, not a friendship” Elaine says bluntly about why she decided to run at this year’s World Championships in Oregon.  

Competing was the only way for her to fulfil her contractual obligation to her sponsors, and that must be done, sometimes even to the detriment of your health.  A situation that many athletes find themselves in, and a fact that most companies, don’t want to admit to.

“Fast Lane Lifestyle” a show about host’s Asafa and Alyshia Powell’s lives, raw and unfiltered. Forget what you think you know about their pasts, their titles - this is the here and now, the ups, the downs and the everyday in between. They celebrate black love, their blended family, and share some laughs and tears with guests along the way.

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