March 17, 2023

Dancing SZN Has Arrived

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By Pen Moodz

Slip on your dancing shoes, put on your tunes and get ready to twirl, because the big dance has arrived and we’re going dancing, baby!

By we, I mean, our beloved Shy-Day Wilson. After having such an impressive first year showing as ACC Freshman of the Year and pouring out one the best rookie seasons in Duke Blue Devil history, Shy has made it to the show where the world stops to witness the greatest spectacle in basketball – March Madness!

Siri, play March Madness by Future.

Now that we have the vibes to match the energy that will be exhibited over the next few weeks, let’s break down what this means for Shy. On Tuesday, Shy dropped a new episode of "Dirty 30", where we heard directly from the Queen on what The Big Dance means to her. For the
uninitiated, the March Madness tournament is something all hoopers dream about. It is a win or go home competition for NCAA athletes and this year will be Shy’s first shot at the chip. Clearly, there’s excitement in the air for the Blue Devils. However, arriving at this stage for Shy feels “wholesome” due to the fact that other Canadians too have made it to this stage. Her story began at 30 Falstaff Avenue in Toronto, Ontario and through hard work and dedication landed her in Durham, North Carolina.

Tomorrow, the maple leaf will beat just as loudly to the drum of the Blue Devils as Shy and her teammates take on Iona in the first game of play. The cheers from the crowd will be at elevated decibels in front of the Cameron Crazies of Durham. Duke boasts a three-seed heading into the match and hopefully once the buzzer sounds, Shy and her teammates will continue dancing.

The pressure is also as real as the buzz in the air, but while most run from the light, Shy runs to it! She understands that after a long and grueling season to stay the course, maintain routine and execute.

Success will be won one day at a time, one possession at a time and one game at a time.

Until there’s no time left.

Let’s dance.