September 5, 2023
Trish Arab

Coming Out the Closet - With or Without (1 minute read)

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Sponsored by H&M for this episode (not really), Patrick T. Cooper is back, and even though his look may not be super fresh for this episode (his words not mine), his take on today's topic really is.  Fresh and refreshing.

Today's question is, "Who are you, with or without?"

We all spend so much time focusing on who we are or who we could be based on what we have.  Recently, I was sitting around with my family and confessed to them that on an occasion earlier in the Spring (it was actually a death in the family), for the first time in my life, I felt less than because I wasn't carrying a designer bag.  It was a ridiculous feeling to have - I knew it at the time, I knew it when I confessed it to my brother and his in-laws, I know it now - because, like Patrick talks about in this episode, I know who I am, and what my worth is, without designer handbags or clothes, or fancy fast cars.  But for one fleeting moment, after days of black Chanel  bags of various sizes and styles passed me by (many of which, when I went home to research, cost easily between $12K to $20K, I shit you not), I questioned my worth, my priorities, and my choices based on the fact that I was WITHOUT one of those purses (my little black Michael Korrs or black Kate Spade don't count - neither does the $30 DSW no name crossbody black bag I was carrying at the time)

This episode wasn't just about not letting the material things define us, but also other aspects of life, like career - his advice is don't let your job be what defines you either.  Who are you, with or without?  Are you kind?  Are you a good person?  Who are you with or without material goods?  Who are you without your career?  Who are you without your partner or your kids?  Sometimes, we are so busy being focused on being someone with all these things that we forget to focus on who we are without them.

Preach Patrick - this was a to-the-point episode that everyone should listen to.  Because as Patrick says, we need to stop, think and figure out who we are before we start going after all of these other things because if we don't know "who the fuck we are" in this world - then it's all nothing.

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