September 1, 2023
Trish Arab

Ciri Stan for Life - Big Brother 25 isn't ready for this Survivor Legend (2 minute read)

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This week's Big Brother post will simply be a love letter to Ciri Fields.  Since 2006, I watched and cheered for this woman on reality competition shows.

"Survivor: Panama," where she placed 4th; "Survivor: Micronesia" in 2008, where she came in 3rd; "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" in 2010, where the other players finally wised up and blindsided her early on, making her exit in 17th spot on in 2017 her last time on "Survivor: Game Changers" where in a bizarre and downright frustrating tribal council, Ciri was eliminated without receiving even one vote (with various immunity idols and advantages, Ciri became the only player not immune from elimination and was sent to jury by default).  She is hands down the best player ever to play Survivor.  

After Game Changers, she didn't come on my TV screen again until this winter when she appeared on and won the first season of the US version of "Traitors" a game she was born to play, based solely on the ability to lie, manipulate and convince the other players you aren't a threat.

This summer, she is back to try and test her chops at Big Brother, and it's been an interesting month in the Big Brother house for her so far.  

Playing secretly with her son Jared (who, by the way, after this week, I'm hoping she'll actually mastermind his eviction; he's so dumb - choosing a showmance over gameplay - stupid), Ciri has played a relatively low-key game, using other players to make moves for her, but brilliantly making them feel like it was their idea all along.  Case in point this week: When Matt Klotz won the Power of Invisibility, who did he go to with the secret knowledge that he had this power?  Ciri.  Who convinced him to use it to save Jag this week (when she couldn't get the house to vote that way) even though he could have saved it for next week when he very well could be on the block himself?  Ciri.  

The best part, as we watched in real-time, her make him think that he was the one making the choice, and he was making a big power move,

She's just a genius, and I hope she wins it all in the end.  

Shout out to Felicia, who has been a great Lieutenant to Ciri and is proving to all these kids that they should respect their elders better.

Since this week was a wash with no one going home and everyone allowed to play for HoH (including outgoing HoH Cameron), let's see what the next week has in store.  

Was this power move all for naught?  Is Ciri going to be able to take out each of her enemies one by one without getting blood on her hands, or will the housemates wise up like those pesky Survivor players in 2010 and get this mastermind out while they still can?