April 3, 2023

Celebrating Women 365 days a year

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By Hong Lau

Women's History Month may have just ended, but at Tidal League  it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of our celebrating the efforts the women of the past, today and the future have, will and continue to do. As someone who has been close to the business for quite some time and seen it grow tremendously we would be nowhere without the women that push our business forward

First to Trish, you are an OG. A lot isn’t said about your impact on the early stages of the business, your commitment, your hard work and all that you sacrificed to create Tidal League from its infancy. This post doesn’t do any justice to that story, well have to wait for the documentary, but I hope it reminds you of all the work you’ve done, what you've helped to grow and all the contributions you are still giving to us today!

Leisa MY OG!!! Weh Yah Gwan Sis!!! Your positive energy radiates our business every single day. You are always pushing our team forward and continuing to see the best in each individual team member. THE CLOSER!!! Much Love Leis!

Big Soph! From day 1 you have continued to grow and push the boundaries. You’ve always taken every challenge head on and did it with such grace and positivity. From taking the leap of faith of moving to Toronto from the UK, with only a dream in mind to taking the leap of faith with us! Keep pushing and building Bruv.

To our creative partners in order;

Shea, the vibes are always immaculate. It’s almost been 2 years since we started this journey together. You always got the unicorns and sunshine vibes going as our girl T would say but the world is a better place because of it. Keep on doing you and the world will bless that ! The knowledge, gems and raw takes you bring are fire!! To our long calls every time we wait for T lol, you know what it is you’re gonna get yours.

Tyneeha, what can I say other than get your camcorder / microphone right lol. You are a BOSS, from raising your baby Mikal at 19 and bossing up yourself while doing that. Dropping gems every episode but even more so, the way you’ve opened up and been authentic and vulnerable on the Tidal League platform is a blessing. You are an inspiration to all of us here at Tidal League.

Sherrese shining a light on the youth is just your full time job people know you for. But holding down the squad over at Hip Hop Hoops. Yes we know Iggy and Woods get all the shine and crazy takes, but that’s not possible with all the work you put in to making sure we keep it moving and growing.

Alyshia it’s been a hilarious to learn about you and Asafa every single week through the podcast and through conversations. Being authentic and open to diving into any topic is such an integral part of the Fast Lane. From supermodel, to mother, to chef, to full time podcaster!

Shy from episode 1 to introducing yourself to the world and then going to episode 2 where you were emotional and going through one of the downs of being a D1 athlete. It’s truly special to have you on our network being so open and honest about your feelings. Keep pushing… greatness awaits.

Shouout to all you inspiring women!  

Stay Inspired through life always!

It has truly been a blessing and an honour for me to work with all of you day-in and out!