February 7, 2024
Leisa Washington

Celebrating Melanated Excellence Every Day of the Year (2 minute read)

It’s the beginning of February, and we all know what that means – it’s time to shine a light on Black Excellence and the importance of serving black creators, having black partners and members as well as understanding the black culture and community we serve.

I’m not a historian or someone who has studied the history of our ancestors; as a matter of fact, I sometimes run from listening and learning about the pain associated with our truth. It still hurts!

The truth is, I’ve witnessed so much in my lifetime that life has left me in awe of how other cultures view and perceive Black persons in society today. I found that someone either believes that they’re saving us or enhancing our lives through financial gain - it always boils down to
those two inevitabilities, and this is why storytelling is crucial for the next generation of children, youth, and young adults!

Speaking of storytelling, I can attest that I fell in love with stories as a young girl growing up in Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). I wanted more of it because it slowly took me away from the reality I lived in, and it allowed me to learn and live inside of other creators’ dreams, despair, and aspirations. Did I mention that it wasn’t Black voices I heard - and this is why our media network is imperative in verifying that Black voices, stories, and lessons are being told through the eyes of ordinary extraordinary creators, c-suite executives, NBA and NFL players, and NHL changemakers? Stories that only money can buy!

It’s essential to have Black creators on our network who speak about momentous events that define Black history. We must understand our history to understand where we are and how we got here. We are proud of the contributions of our creators and their willingness to tell stories to the entire world. They seamlessly dismantle painful narratives by showcasing the diversity and humanity within Black communities. Our creators inspire and empower other Black persons to pursue their passions and express themselves creatively.

We are honoured to have exceptional Black creators at Tidal League. Their bravery is defining and shaping marginalized voices for the next three decades - when we can truly measure the impact of the stories they heard through who they become, what they believe and how they
handle social issues.

At Tidal League - We celebrate melanated excellence every day of the year!