May 10, 2024
Tiffany Jennings

Can Jalen Brunson Secure a Championship for the Knicks? (1 minute read)

I think it is safe to say the Knicks Vs. The Sixers series was one of the most exciting in the first round. Players were putting up some big numbers, and the fans were there to support them; just watching along, you could hear the tension and emotion in the crowd. I'm sure the Philly fans were not too happy about the loss to the end series on the home court. This was a close round, but I am happy to see the Knicks secure the win.   

I am so impressed with how Jalen Brunson continues to dominate and show why he is a superstar. In the last three games alone, he dropped 40-plus points and had some extensive assists. He is absolutely crushing it on the court, and it has really shown in this six-game series. 

Should they have locked down the win in game four? Maybe, but where is the fun in that? It was exciting to see this series go to 6 games. Overall, the whole team played very well, but it is clear the biggest factor in the Knicks locking in the win this round was Jalen.  

Even though the Sixers were putting up some major points, Joel dropped 50 points in game three and then got a triple-double in game five. Can't forget about Maxey popping off with 46 points in game five and bringing the game to OT for the win. The team was truly impressive in most games, but overall, the team looked tired. I don't think Joel was 100% ready to return from the meniscus injury; if we had seen him fully healthy and at his best, we might have had a different outcome at the end of this series.  

We are in the second round, where the Knicks are taking on the Indiana Pacers. From what I am reading, it looks like the Knicks are predicted to take this one; they are already off to a good start. Will the Pacers' defence be able to step up and hold off one of the best offensive teams? Is Jalen going to bring his team one step closer to getting a title? I am excited to watch along and find out. 

Knicks in 4… will my prediction be right?