November 1, 2022

Cam Johnson Adding Value at Every Turn - Run Your Race

Cameron Johnson spent five years in college and underwent four surgeries, and then became a first-round draft pick.  This is unheard of in the NBA, but Cam proved them all wrong – something he has spent his lifetime doing.  Born into a hoops family, legend has it, he started hooping straight out of the womb. Sitting down with Theo and AJ; Cameron shares his first-hand account of the absolute punishing perseverance he needed to accomplish his goals.  When all seemed lost, Cameron dug within himself and was lifted up by his family (specifically his brother) to find the strength he needed to succeed.  

In this week’s episode of “Run Your Race” Johnson talks about those five long years in college, and what surgery after surgery did to his drive and ambition.  The 10 pre-draft workouts, one of which was his best in New Orleans, a city that never should have been looking at him. “The draft is June 20; I land in Pittsburgh on June 17 from my round about road trip all around the United States pre-draft circuit.  The moment I take my phone off airplane mode (sic) my agent’s calling me…he’s like ‘I’m sending you to New Orleans for a workout.’”  Johnson animatedly tells our hosts.  A call that would change everything for this young player.

No current conversation between a Dallas Maverick and a Phoenix Sun would be complete without talking about Game 7 in this past year’s finals – down by 30, in a series that should have been won already, what does that locker room sound like and half time? What happens at the end of the game?  An honest reflection of what happened, and what a game like that does to a player, a team, and a city of fervent fans.

Run Your Race is the ultimate intersection of basketball and business. Theo and AJ will take their listeners on a journey through stories of tragedy and triumph while shedding light on how they both have been able to stay around the game they love.  These two lifelong friends bring their explosive dynamic centerstage thanks to their knowledge of the League and infectious energy.

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