October 19, 2023
Hong Lau

Bring on Beckham (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

I will start this article by saying I know absolutely nothing about futbol, football or football on this side of the hemisphere soccer. But I can tell you that I am old enough to grow up through David Beckham and Posh Spice. Or as they were referred to, Posh and Becks. I remember being young and hearing Spice Girls EVERYwhere. I also remember phrases such as bend it like Beckham and found myself watching England soccer matches purely because of him. When he made the massive announcement to the world that he was coming to the MLS, I was like, who the F is David Beckham? Posh Spice, I would say, was probably my favourite, along with Scary Spice.

But getting into this documentary, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I heard nothing but great reviews and an intriguing storyline. Leaving this blog post, that’s probably what I’ll say as well, lol!

The first thing is that David has gone through an absolute career rollercoaster. It’s quite incredible to actually look back and understand his career from his lens and have him tell his truth. He was not the most outgoing guy (in terms of vocally) but had a larger-than-life brand. He pushed the boundaries in soccer players with endorsements and became a brand name in itself. What was probably most impressive about David was his dedication to his family, Victoria and his demeanour. I mean, to have your whole country hate you, keep it under wraps, and not lose it / cause any drama is impressive. To put another cherry on top, when Real Madrid benched him, the coach told the public he would never play again wearing that jersey. Becks practised every single day even harder when they told him to be by himself, attended all the games and ended up getting to play and winning La Liga.

What drew me to the documentary is his story with Posh. I was watching the Netflix preview, and that’s what I saw. I saw Beckham talking about how he fancied Victoria and vice versa. It was a pleasant surprise and a great narrative/story to keep us going throughout the entire story.

Victoria came off as an incredible being with fantastic patience. This is their story from their eyes, and it may be a bit biased. But understanding her perspective about having to pick up her family, move at a dime notice, and make the ultimate sacrifice for her family at all times spoke highly about her character. I quite enjoyed her perspective on the whole thing. I’m into sports more than I am into culture. I think one of the things that this docuseries also taught me was that Posh was actually bigger than Becks it might sound crazy, but Becks was a larger-than-life athlete to a point, but Posh was a SPICE GIRL. It was great how honest she was about this journey. Saying on air that, at one point, she despised him for the situation in Spain.

What this taught me most was the family dynamic and how popular the Beckhams were. It’s crazy to think that 10-12 paparazzi followed them to drop their kids off at school, paparazzi at their house, followed by everyone no matter where they went—being swarmed when driving around, how it affected their children and family. I can’t even imagine being swarmed and followed every minute of my life.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series. Enjoyment-wise, I give it a 5/5; production-wise, 3.5/5. They did some interesting angles and had a more casual take on it. Story-wise 4/5

Looks like we are settling on a 4/5 star!

Make sure you go check it out!