October 6, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother Week 9 - Need to Rethink (1 minute)

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One of the final favourite houseguests remaining got evicted last night.  Mecole would have been someone I would happily be friends with inside and outside of the house, and in further proof that production is only letting us see certain things, somehow was the one evicted last night and seen as the more significant threat.

Felicia blew up her game at the veto meeting, throwing Cory and America under the bus (it was beautiful) yet somehow managed to stay in the house (and it appears to have been Cory and America's idea?  What?) They wanted to leave Ciri and Blue out of the vote and have them be the only two people who voted to evict Felicia (weakening their desire to align), but the vote was 7-0, so someone clearly let them know that the house had flipped and the "pawn" was the one leaving.

As she exited the house, Mecole made sure to throw America, Cory and Bowie further under the bus and uncover their secret alliance (Cory and America are aligned with everyone in the house, by the way), which may have made for some exciting gameplay this week, but by the end of the episode Bowie had been crowned this week's HoH so I guess we are just in for another boring week in this topsy turvy season.

I need to rethink how I feel about the players this season, or it will be a very long second half of the game.  My BB WhatsApp group of friends who watch each season with me all love America and think she is the best player in the house.  I don't know why I can't get behind that philosophy, seeing as she is playing a great game.  Also, why don't I like Felicia anymore - she's playing a crazy game and somehow is still in there!  None of these people are playing with any strategy I'm familiar with (and some would argue are playing with no strategy at all), and maybe that's the real problem right there.