September 30, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother Week 8 - Zombie Comp Results SPOILER (1 minute read)

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Well, it was a pretty bad week in the Big Brother House.  No Wednesday episode, no head of household, no veto comp, no typical live eviction.  Even the head-to-head competition that Cameron and Jared were meant to do and the final comp that Cam did on his own were pretty straightforward and uninspiring.

Again, I hate being a conspiracy theorist, but what was the point of all of this if not to try and give Jared a chance to get back into the house?

Unfortunately, for production (assuming that is what they wanted), Jared did NOT get revived.  After winning the head-to-head, Cameron easily managed to do the final comp in the allotted time and was resurrected.

Forget about this week in the Scaryverse being undead - it was completely DEAD.  Dead boring, dead tired, dead pointless.

Let's see what happens to Mama Ciri now that no one is left to protect her.

I'm at a point after this week, though, where I genuinely hate America (the player in the country) and really would love to see her head out the door this week.  We will have to wait and see once again as the Big Brother fates are not in my side of the house's hands.