September 23, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother Week 7 - Double Eviction/Zombie Twist SPOILERS (1 minute read)

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I'm a couple of days late on this post because, believe it or not, I only just had time to sit down and watch Thursday's double eviction episode.  

Honestly, I feel like one of the uberfans online that think every season is riddled with conspiracy and production manipulation, but I find it quite suspect (not "sus"; I still hate Jag, by the way) that the week that finally sees the two HoH Kings kicked out of the house (Cameron and Jared) is the week that there is a twist in the game and one of them will be coming back in.

Nothing significant happened this week - Ciri's game is completely blown up (surprisingly, no one has outed her and Jared as mother and son). Jared won the wall comp, back doored Cameron, but then got taken out by Cory moments later at a double eviction. So both Cameron and Jared went "home" Thursday only to be told by Julie that they are now actually zombies who have the chance to come back to life in the game. Nothing on what that means, though.

Having no time to watch the episodes also meant no time to look for spoilers online or check out my favourite Big Brother blog, It doesn't look like my life is going to slow down much over the next couple of days, so I will go into Tuesday's episode blind and learn with the rest of America what being a zombie in the BB house means and what comes next for all of the remaining houseguests.