October 13, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother Week 10 Zingbot, OTEV, The Fall of King Cameron and an Invisible Head of Household (2 minute read)

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Well, it finally happened; King Cameron was sent packing (again) unanimously (again) only this time, as Julie Chen Moonves pointed out, there would be no revival, and off to jury he goes.

This was another week of indecision in the house and shifting allegiances of power.  The most shocking play, but perhaps the best move, came from Jag and Matt, who devised the plan to backdoor Cameron (arguing that Cory is a better shield to keep in the house and less of a comp beast).  This played perfectly for Bowie since she is in a secret alliance with Cory and America, and somehow, the house still doesn’t believe that to be the case.  

The real action came with the Wednesday episode and the Zingbot OTEV merge that was the veto competition.  Zingbot was in fine form and actually had me laughing out loud as he read these players filthy.  The best burn was to Mecole.   Yes, Mimi who was voted out last week.  Mecole’s game was so low-key Zingbot didn’t even realize she wasn’t there anymore.  (Honourable mention to Cirei’s burn “Cirie. The past few weeks have been hard on you.  A lot of your good friends have left the game, leaving you alone.  But that’s OK, now you can finally do what you do best.  Lose while on an island.”)

Jag played the best game this week, including mastering the OTEV competition.  It must be hard to see what others are doing when you’re in the thick of it because I can’t image why no one else thought to put the pictures in one spot together the way Jag did, making it easier to go back and get the one you need and waste next to no time?

Jag also endeared himself to me outside of his gameplay when he was so kind to Matt.  Matt’s hearing loss has been hard to overcome in a game made up of whispers and muffled conversations.  Watching Jag comfort and support Matt and clearly explain what he has missed in hushed conversations was really special.  Those of you who know me outside of this blog know that I have a close family member with hearing loss like Matt, so Jag’s kindness and compassion are extra meaningful to me.

Thursday’s episode ended with the revelation that BB Comic-Week will be unleashed into the “Big Brother” house.  On Sunday, there will be a superpower in play that shields the identity of the Head of Household, and Julie teased it  “Sounds like something may have crashed landed in the HOH Room,”

To be continued.