August 25, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother Blindside - Week 3 (2 minute read)

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Well, it doesn't happen often or successfully, but in only the third week of competition, the house came together for the biggest blindside I have seen in ages.

Outgoing Head of Household, Hisam, founding member of the Professors Alliance, came out fast and hard, winning the first three competitions.  However, he needed more self-awareness of how he was coming off to the other competitors (including his alliance).  Hisam was a comp beast and a good strategist, but he didn't take the time to sit back and let other people talk; he didn't value the relationships he had in the house and spent the duration of his reign telling people what they should think and what they should do.  That was fine when he was the one in charge, and the others had to humour him for fear of getting nominated,  but once his week was up, nothing unified this divided house more than the common enemy that was Hisam.   The poor man never even saw it coming.  

He didn't want to play for the veto; he felt completely comfortable with Felicia as HOH and still was bossing his team around.  Even this wasn't a fatal flaw; that came when he started hedging his bets and trying to negotiate and build secondary alliances with the others in the house.  Hisam, no one on that side likes you.  Did you really think they wouldn't run and tell others what you were doing - especially since you were the one who informed the whole house that it was divided?  I know you think you are smarter than everyone else playing,  but even the dimmest bulb could have figured out that if the house was divided and someone didn't have an alliance with you, it would be pretty easy to figure out who did.

Anyway, Jag won the veto, took himself off the block, and Felicia nominated Hisam as planned.  There was talk about trying to flip the vote in Hisam's favour, but we all knew that was just for the sake of production.   So the first half of Thursday's episode went as expected - but then we had the intro to our next HOH competition, and once again, my all-time favourite player was on the screen.  Eighteen years after competing in the last Pressure Cooker Competition (in which he lasted for over 14 hours), Kayser was back to re-introduce it and was a sight for sore eyes.

Anyone paying attention knows that BB 6 was my favourite and that Kayser was robbed (in part because of this particular comp), so seeing him again yesterday led me to think about what my ideal BB situation would be - and I figured it out - I would love a redo season of Season 6.  Bring back the entire cast, and see how it plays out this time around 18 years later.  I would kill to see that!

I think that for a game trying to find ways to change to stay relevant, taking some of the fan-favourite seasons and redoing them could be a great way to do so.  

CBS, if you're me.  I'd be happy to produce!