September 15, 2023
Trish Arab

Big Brother 25 - Week 6 - SPOILERS (2 minute read)

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What an insane week in the Big Brother house, and let me tell you, I am not impressed by any of it.

I found it interesting that Cam did a blindside with the original norms.  He lied to the whole house to put on a big show at the nomination ceremony (Humiliverse helped with the pie-in-the-face gag), but what did that do besides give him immediate gratification?  In terms of the gameplay, nominating Izzy and Felicia was stupid, and lying to the whole house meant not controlling the vote either way.  I was wrong as it worked out exactly as he had hoped, and somehow, the entire house no longer hates him.  I hate Cameron, but I also love Cameron.  It’s a very confusing time for me.

Izzy and Ciri’s bonding was beautiful - Ciri letting her walls down in a way she never has in any other reality TV comp show.   Izzy, being super vulnerable, was beautiful.  That’s a bromance I would have enjoyed watching to the end, even if I knew Ciri would have had to cut her at some point if she wanted to win.

I know CBS wants to promote buddy games, and I’m not complaining about having Josh Duhamel on my screen, but we did not have to see this entire comp.  I was dizzy and tired from watching and never happier for the ff button on my PVR.

Matt is the most adorable player.  His Duh-a-maniac punishment was just perfect.  (Shaving him, taking selfies, Talking to him, he kept a punishment without realizing it wasn’t the real guy and took it like a champ.)
The pig punishment looked brutal, though

America needs to shut the f up.  God.  She may be a good player, but she is not on my side, so I hate her.  Also, she and Cory and their showmance are gross.  Now, this floater finally decides to play the game, and she blows it all up.  Ugh.  Like, I hate how these people are playing the game.  No strategy, just blow shit up.  There are too many Gen Z in this game, and I’m not impressed.  Also, feeds are saying Cameron cried and bullied and condescended them into flipping the vote, but the producers are certainly doing their best to edit him in a better light.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.    Say “Sus” one more time, Jag, say it one more time!  

Sorry, it was a brutal week for me.  I was sad to see Izzy go home, I was sad to see the house finally clue in about Jared being untrustworthy (only because it impacts Ciri’s game), and I am sad that the house has finally wised up to Ciri being the real threat (even though, duh, that should have been the first thing they thought when she walked in the door - have they never watched her compete before?!)

Never before have I felt like I am watching Season 6 all over again when the boring non-players somehow manage to get rid of real threats, and all of a sudden, you’re left with a game full of floaters.  

It’s frustrating.  

I guess let’s see who wins the Wall Competition for HoH.