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August 18, 2023

Big Brother 25 - Week 2 (1 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

Oh, Big Brother, why do I let you reel me in with your promises of blindsides and crazy game moves, only to have the original plan followed at the last minute?

It looked like possibly Hisam's reign of terror would backfire on him - it has been a long time since someone has played this hard this fast, with ZERO tact or finesse to their gameplay.  It's interesting that a player who turned so incredibly cocky and who irritated the whole house this week still got his way with the eviction of equally dumb game player Reilly (did we already talk about how this girl didn't even lie when Hisam confronted her about being her target????)

Lying is significantly missing from this season - sure, some are lying about their professions outside of the BB house (Hisam, for instance, is a doctor, a fact he is keeping from the house).  Ciri and Jared are lying by omission about the fact that they are related, but in terms of alliances and strategy, but in general, these people have no problem laying it all out in the open.

I would have thought this direct style of play would have appealed to me, but now that I am seeing it play out, it just makes me cringe.  

These players who all made such a great first impression are proving to have no fitness, and despite being "super fans," they seem to have no real insight into how this game is best played.

Also, is it just me, or does anyone know what the point of the homage to "Stranger Things" netherworld has to do with anything?  Other than potentially providing immunity to people and possibly putting a spotlight on alliances (which obviously the producers didn't realize they wouldn't need to do this year since everyone is telling everybody in their everything - see above), this whole thing seems to be a big fail.  Unless, of course, Vecna shows up at some point - that would be an epic crossover.

Of course, I'll keep watching because, in a series that constantly espouses expecting the unexpected, I will continue to hope that, eventually, the unexpected will be some actual strategy and exciting gameplay.