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August 11, 2023

Big Brother 25 - An Early Ejection but still Uneventful Week 1 (2 minute read)

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By Trish Arab

Our fan favourites from previous seasons may have unleashed the BB Multiverse, but it is clear our houseguests are only interested in playing the same game.

Here we are at the end of Week 1 in the Big Brother 25 house, and here we are in another season of early alliances coming in fast and hard.  Almost instantly, the house has been divided in half, with the younger players pitting themselves against the older ones.  (older being like over 30, by the way) with one player, Kirsten, a 20-something newlywed, left floating without any players wanting to align.  

Even though I like both sides of the house, after last night's first eviction, I have to say the "Professors" (the older alliance) are already outplaying these young kids (or "schooling them," as the hilarious Izzy would say).  WHEN YOU ARE IN A YOUNG PERSON ALLIANCE, AND YOU HAVE ONE YOUNG PERSON ON THE BLOCK AND ONE OLDER PERSON, WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE TO EVICT?
This may seem straightforward, but when you are in the Big Brother house, you can't see straight even after only nine days there because our youngins decided to lose a potential ally and evicted Kirsten unanimously.

Things were already starting to fall apart for the young people alliance when another of their numbers was ejected from the game shortly before eviction night.  Oh, Luke, I am sad for your ignorance (he broke the rules of conduct by using a racial slur).  Adios, Luke, we barely knew you, but I'm ok without you.  The final straw for this young people alliance is Head of Household, Reilly, girl, even though these older players called you out, you don't need to be their friend.  You had the numbers.

So as of the end of week one, I am fully in support of the professors and their gameplay, however, Jared (Ciri's son) and Matt (a deafolympics gold medalist) are two youngins I will want the alliance broken for.  We will see next week what Jared's time in the netherworld means for his game, hopefully only good.

Since I am blogging about this season weekly, I'm trying to avoid reading spoilers; however, I may have to go back to my early season ways and get the all-access pass which allows fans to watch the live feeds 24/7 - we'll see.  If you're interested in spoilers before they air, hit me up at