January 12, 2024
Hong Lau

Being a Golden State Warriors Fan Today (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

It's been an interesting last two years as a Warriors fan.  We can start this blog by talking about how I came to love this team when they drafted Steph Curry, but I was enamoured by the team when they initially beat the Mavericks with the We Believe team.  I have been privileged and blessed to watch my favourite NBA franchise win 4 NBA titles in my lifetime.  Especially in the fashion, we did it, being a young team that came out of nowhere and just dominated for five years.  We then have some tumultuous seasons and win one more in the most vindicating way possible (Steph silenced all the haters).  So I can't ask anything more (my grandpa was a Leafs fan, and they are still suffering to this day, lol).

These two years have been confusing for most fans.  The biggest reason, I believe, is that our identity has typically been around a team that has unity, unparalleled chemistry on the court and Strength in Numbers".  Any NBA fan can say it has been anything but that since the fateful practice where Draymond Green Superman punched Jordan Poole.

There have been many articles on the situation, and I'm not gonna address it but simply the lingering effects.  It's been talked about how Jordan Poole's departure and tenure.  I want to focus on "bridging the gap" and how it's affected the warriors.  Now, was Jordan Poole ever going to bridge both timelines?  Probably not.  He is one of the most talented players to be part of the dynasty over the last ten years, but bridging the gap is much more than talent.  His shot selection and body language always seemed subpar to me.  I think an organization with its culture, tone, and demeanour set by the ultimate selfless superstar, Steph Curry, would be too drastic of a change from Jordan.

Since that punch, the locker room was fractured, and that relies on Draymond Green as a leader within that locker room.  Yes, you can debate whether or not the Warriors handled the suspension properly and if Draymond Green should be one out the door, but they handled it the way they did, and he's still a Warrior with a 100 million-dollar contract over the next 3.5 years.  I think some of the younger guys like Kuminga, Moody and others probably resonate with J Poole (the guy that was maybe their leader) for the young guys.  He was supposed to bridge the gap and be handed the keys to the franchise with Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman.

Then, last week, we had Kuminga come out and say that he doesn't have faith in Steve Kerr anymore.  As a die-hard fan, I find it hard to believe that Steve hasn't been easy to approach or open with his players before that statement was made.  On many Run Your Race interviews, we've heard how that organization is a player's organization and keeps it pretty chill and honest with players.  (Shoutout to Theo and Run Your Race).  It does signal the crack in the Warrior's culture and organization, but that crack started when Jordan Poole's video was leaked.  So maybe it's not signalling the crack, but it is expanding.

Two things have changed: The faith in Draymond and his antics, which I can't really sit here and say anything about.  To me, everything he's done this year has just been a head-scratcher.  I believe for the franchise to move back to some stability, it starts with Draymond getting back to the Draymond of old or making a move to reset.

The last thing is Bob Myers departure.  Bob Myers is the one fundamental change that isn't there this year that has been with the Warriors during this dynasty.  People are not talking about that enough.  He was a confidant to Draymond, a sounding board for many of these guys (from what I've heard over the years).  Removing that from a locker room and team has to have some effect.  We have to look at these teams from a lens that they are organizations first with the team being the end result/product.  Significant ownership, management, and structure are crucial keys to success, and Bob Myers was pivotal in everything I just mentioned.

Thank you if you've made it this far -  maybe it was just a rant as a confused Warriors fan.  I do think our dynastic years are over.  I don't know if we'll ever truly compete for one more, but I do hope we can have a 5th NBA title no different than our "predecessors," Tim Duncan and the 2000s Spurs!