May 22, 2023

Bag Talk (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

By Hong Lau

I’m writing this article about a moment during one of our Run Your Race streams.

Do I expect this article to do it justice or capture the moment?

No, I probably do not, but I will try.

We are sitting there having some very regular conversations around the game. We all love basketball. Then all you hear is AJ Richardson (cousin of Chris Paul and someone who has been around the game his whole life) say that Luka Doncic doesn’t have a bag.

Let me repeat that…. LUKA DONCIC DOES NOT HAVE A BAG???

It might have been the most insane statement I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Luka is one of the most skilled offensive players on the planet. His feeling for the game alone gives him a bag because he can read and understand what people do and then, in turn, work on those needed skills. AJ claimed that Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Shai GILGEOUS-Alexander had a bigger bag??????? Now I’m not upset with the whole list… but SHAI???

As the night continued during our stream, it continued to be a topic, and Theo Pinson got HEATED. If anyone was in the Dallas Mavericks Training Facility, I’m almost sure they asked us to keep it down, lol. He then brought some of his friends around the NBA, such as Brooklyn Nets star Mikal Bridges, forward for the Nets Dorian Finney-Smith, Obi Toppin of the New York Knicks and his teammate Markieff Morris to settle the debate.

This one was one of our more intense but fun streams due to AJs wild takes, but I hope you guys join us on our live streams of the playoffs presented by BetOnline.