October 17, 2023
Keegan Poulton

Are the Detroit Lions Contenders or Pretenders? (1 minute read)

At this point of the NFL season, we generally grasp what teams are in the mix of making a playoff run and the ones that should already be looking forward to next year’s draft. Some of the big heavyweights coming into this year with all the hype included teams like the Dolphins, the Eagles, the 49ers and, of course, the Chief, but was anybody talking about the Detroit Lions?

The Lions are a team that continues to impress week after week that, up to just recently, were considered to be “cursed” or even deemed by some to be “the laughing stock of the NFL,” but they have really turned it around. Many thought the Week 1 victory against the Chiefs was a fluke, but they now share the same record (5-1) as those heavyweights previously mentioned.

Let’s look at their results through their first six games:

Week 1 @ Kansas City (21-20 Win)
Week 2 vs Seattle (37-31 OT Loss)
Week 3 vs Atlanta (20-6 Win)
Week 4 @ Green Bay (34-20 Win)
Week 5 vs Carolina (42-24 Win)
Week 6 @ Tampa Bay (20-6 Win)

Key Notes/Additions:

Their only loss came in Week 2 at home in a game that could have easily gone either way. You look at how this roster has performed, and it’s great to see how they’ve executed on both sides of the ball. We have seen the effect of their two top players from last year (Goff, St. Brown), but some of their off-season moves might have gone under the radar but have taken them to the next level. Many expected first-round running back Jahmyr Gibbs to immediately see a heavy workload. Still, David Montgomery has been the leading force for this team running the ball since he made his way over from Chicago. If this tandem can stay healthy, they will continue to prove challenging for opposing defences to stop.

Finally, the emergence of second-round rookie Sam LaPorta has surprised many around the league. Already solidifying his name as one of the top Tight Ends this year, the Lions now have a bolstered passing attack that has proven to be a matchup nightmare.

I think it’s time we stop sleeping on the Lions…