April 21, 2023

Advisors bring Talent and Industry Knowledge to Tidal League

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By Trish Arab

The Tidal League Media Network is pleased to welcome two new advisors to our team. Tony Rome and Hamud Mbarak, both of whom bring unique skill sets that complement our existing team.

Tony is a visionary marketer and revenue generator. He is renowned for his exceptional skills in creating successful partnerships between brands and (some of the world's greatest) entertainers and athletes.

As a recognized leader in sports and entertainment marketing, Tony has built an impressive career spanning over 20 years.

His industry specific knowledge will help create long term, mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships and investment for the company. He will work closely with our marketing department and sales team on sales and market research, help develop a marketing strategy that works for the sports and entertainment industry and attract individuals from the entertainment world.

Hamud Mbarak, also known as Pen Moodz, uses both creative and corporate skills. He offers these abilities to Tidal League.

Pen has a background as a commercially trained lawyer and a deep network of relationships in the entertainment industry. He wants to use this to increase global awareness of Tidal League. He hopes to make it a household name.

Pen is a thought leader who will specialize in the creative side of our team, collaborating with brands and creators to develop partnerships and turn projects into reality.