June 26, 2023

Across the Spiderverse (2 minute read)

Mario, Princess Peach go on a new adventure in the animated film, Super Mario Brothers

By Hong Lau

I will start by saying I am a HUGE Spider-man fan. So to say I was excited for an animated Spiderman is an understatement. I’d also like to say that I prefer animated Spiderman over the block buster films we’ve seen such as the OG 2000s Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s interpretation on the matter.

The Bob Persichetti take on Spiderman has been a treat for all comic fans around the world, but even more so for all the Spidey fans out there. It was cool to see them take a different approach on Spiderman from the original story. Into the spider-verse was one of the best and I didn’t expect anything less for the sequel.

I was obviously late to the party as I only watched this a bit after a week it was released, but I heard that it was an incredible movie maybe one of the best Marvel movies ever (including End Game and etc). That seemed like a tall task to climb but the first one had me thinking it was possible. I would say too I think everyone can relate to this, when something is built up to be great a lot of the time it doesn’t meet the hype

I’m happy to say this movie did not disappoint AT ALL. The story lines were fresh and kept you wanting more / engaged the whole time. The dynamic between Gwen and Miles was one of my favourite things the entire time, wondering what the “other Spidermen” were like was another point that had me on my seat. You also got the typical Spiderman plot with him having to juggle the weight of being a normal human being, while saving New York one day at a time. For a teenager to juggle that weight and conceal his identity / not be able to talk to his loved ones it is a tough dynamic.

Hailee Steinfield really did a wonderful with Gwen, Shameik Moore KILLED Miles, which really had me relating to these animated characters and giving them a life of their own. Let’s not forget about all the supporting cast like Hobie, the OG Peter Parker, Spiderman 99 and so many others.

This may have seemed all over the place but I really didn’t know where to start and there’s so much to talk about. I also don’t want to do any spoilers! So hopefully in a couple of months I can talk about the actual plot when most people have seen it

I’m giving the movie a 9.6/10

I hope you guys get out to theatres / purchase the movie to support everyone that brought this to life for us.