December 7, 2023
Peter Calder

A Curriculum: "Sex Education" (1 minute read)

Initially, I wanted to watch "Sex Education" because of one of its lead actors, Asa Butterfield, as I've enjoyed many of his previous works. This British series is an enjoyable portrayal of teenage life and sex and does much more than similar counterparts. The script is excellent. I and so many others will have characters they love and feel as if they relate to the vast range of different characters and personalities. I find similar relatability between Jean and Otis with myself and my mother; often, having hard conversations with your guardian when you're a teenager is very common.

One thing to note is the beautiful scenic locations where the series takes place; it's far too lovely to be realistic to an actual school and the surrounding community. A school or a workplace are two places where I feel many films and series are so often set; I suppose this is because it's a way of having so many different characters with different personalities come in contact with each other, and "Sex Education" is no exception.

Each character has a defined personality and specific wants and needs with their own problems. This also enables the show to tap into a huge variety of audience members, which is a goal of the show. With at least one problem for each character, the series can cover many different lessons about sex education. Still, they do it in a fundamentally entertaining way. As for the name, education is an important aspect of the show, and you learn many takeaways and lessons throughout the show with the characters. Many very important messages are depicted throughout. However, they have managed to do it in an incredibly entertaining way, and that's what sets it apart.

Messaging in film and TV is so important and makes the work more valuable to the consumer and viewer, but the entertainment factor must be there and must come first, otherwise, people won't want to watch and fundamentally it won't be enjoyable. Two years prior, similar teenage series' that came out were "Riverdale" and "13 Reasons Why". I am not a fan of either of these shows. They both had strong messages for their viewers, especially "13 Reasons Why". These messages are essential for people to hear and learn about, but the delivery could have been better.

Some awful repercussions came from "13 Reasons Why" and "Sex Education" addresses some of these same topics and messages, but they do it in a far more positive and entertaining way. "Sex Education" made some very uncomfortable topics fun and easy to watch. Although that doesn't mean it was all happy, the series reached all ranges of my emotions throughout all seasons.

Entertaining and impactful, the show is even being used in the curriculum in France and other places as an educational resource. The messages in the show need to be seen and heard by not only teenagers and young adults but also parents, guardians and teachers. It's a lovely watch.