September 5, 2023
Hong Lau

10 in a Row - Yet Another Great Race as We Wind Down to the End of the of 2023 Formula 1 Season! (1 minute read)

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Max Verstappen has officially created history, becoming the first driver to win ten races in a row. It is a historic feat that speaks to how dominant he is and gives credit to the team out of Milton Keynes. Red Bull has created an incredible car and paired it with an incredible talent, leading to one of the most lopsided F1 seasons of all time. Ironically, he took it away from a fellow residential constructor in Sebastian Vettel, who was also racing under the Red Bull flag. Kudos to Max, as he is clearly the best driver today.

They had a solid overall performance, with Sergio Perez fighting his way to finish second. We still have a lot of question marks about him and his seat for the next year.

Moving away from Red Bull l, Ferrari put on a show at their home race. With a stunning/blistering qualifying, the Tufosi went crazy after Carlos Sainz took pole position. I don’t ever think there was belief that they would actually dominate and “win” the Grand Prix. Is it safe to say that Ferrari turned their engine modes up for the home crowd, probably, lol. I thought both drivers had a pretty strong showing, and they put on a show on the last couple of laps, fighting for that final podium spot. I appreciate Ferrari letting them race it out before telling them to bring it home on the last lap.

Mercedes had a very bland weekend. George looked strong while Lewis had his moments. Lewis put on a hell of a drive in the last quarter of the Grand Prix, overtaking a fair bit of the grid when he got on his fresh mediums. He also put in some blistering sections (along with Albon’s pace) to avoid having that 5-second penalty hamper him. I thought George’s move was calculated (at least I hope it was); getting ahead even with a 5-second penalty made sense as Ocon would have held him up.

Alex Albon continues to impress and audition for a seat at Red Bull or my sleeper for him at Aston Martin.

It was no secret that McLaren and Aston Martin would probably struggle on this track (and I made the fantasy adjustments 😎). Considering their teammate’s pace, I thought Alonso and Lando had strong performances.

We get one week off, and then we are headed to Singapore - see you guys then 🫡