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This show GIVES!

What an amazing podcast loved hearing from both of you- your honesty, authenticity, humility and humor are the perfect way to fill up your tank. Can’t wait for more!

Authentic and Relatable

Caught my attention from the first episode! The topics are so relatable my goodness and will help women who have been or are on a similar journey of being in this kind of work environment and how we CAN succeed! Cannot wait for more episodes! Thank you Shea and T-money for sharing your stories and knowledge to help others. Let’s tip the scale!

Interesting & Relatable!

I love listening to TTS during my commute home after a workday. The content & topics are interesting & relatable. Shea & T Money always leave me looking forward to the next episode!

Awesome Podcast

So authentic! Provides a great perspective as well!

This is great!

A much needed perspective from black women in sports!


Can’t wait to listen to your Podcast! So excited for you and this new adventure.

Good Luck

This is amazing!!!

We needed this!

I totally can’t wait to build a community with the listeners of this show! Everyone week you will have something to process, breakdown and use in your own life. This podcast is about finding the harmony in living authentically.


Shea this is super dope. Keep it up girlfriend I’m so proud of you💖

Much Needed Podcast !

Great job Tyneeha !

Tipping The Scale

Awesome, Ladies!!! Tyneeha you do me proud, Honey! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Just what we need!!

A podcast by and for women in sports!! This is what we have all been waiting for. Unbelievable conversations and perspectives from two amazing women who are doing their thing!! Love it!!!

Tipping the Scales is going to be a game changer

“When you leave Shea Dawson you leave better” - Shea Dawson. I’m signing up for that alone