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Love local

Great listen! And love to support local!


Great Podcast, you guys cover everything in sports and have good opinions on things, One of my favourite Podcasts as a sports fan


Love the podcast! The variety of topics that are covered by this crew keeps drawing me in. Absolutely would recommend this podcast to anyone who loves sports!

Love the content

found tidal league through social media, love how they upload consistently and so much diversity in the content!

Great podcast

Love the podcast. Great hosts and hot takes

Great show

Love this podcast. Definitely recommend


Great sports podcast!


I’m really enjoying this podcast 😊 Keep it up Tidal League!

Great sports podcast

Love the podcast and the hot takes 😅

Tidal League rocks

Kurt and Trish are LIT!!!!! Love this podcast!

Great podcast versatile listen

The listen is smooth, easy and versatile. Love the content keep it up 👌🏼

My go to for all things NBA

Great perspectives from those on and off the court 🔥🔥🔥

Great podcast

I’m really enjoying listening to this show. I’m also learning a lot about what happens behind the scenes, which is always interesting.

A Refreshing Listen

It’s not everyday you get to hear stories about how athletes and, media personalities, and everyone in between experienced their own journeys. The Tidal League team does a great job curating unique content. Well done!

Great content

Highly recommend 👌🏽

Where I get my sports fix

Great content, amazing guests and super informative🙌❤️


Awesome podcast awesome people

Great podcast!

Great Podcast. I’d definitely give a listen if you’re a sports fan.



Superb work

Absolutely brilliant lads

Jason Setchen

Great overview of the political and legal dynamics in the system of player signing and ensure fair negotiations. Jason’s well intentioned mantra is explicitly why this role is desperately needed to ensure a balanced playing field pun intended.

Not Your Typical Sports Pod

Love this show and how it goes beyond any other sports podcast out there. Really engaging content and a smooth sounding host. 5 stars


If you Love sports in general and would love to hear some great contents and latest stories then you must listen to the tidal league podcast. An excitement and amazing team that brings you nothing but fire.

Love it!

Great podcast for any sports fan! Highly recommend!

Awesome podcast

Great job from the tidal league team creating some much needed sports content during this time with no sports, this will help us get through, thanks guys!

English Steeds

No idea what I am doing

English Agius

Great podcast 👍👍

Italian Steeds

Great podcast!!!

Great podcast!

Well presented podcast with great hosts and guests!


Amazing work from the entire TL team. Modern day storytelling that goes beyond the headline or the lead on sports center If you’re a fan of sports you’ll be a fan of this podcast


Well presented , relaxed and informal. Love listening to these podcasts with my morning coffee!! Please keep them coming!!


I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast during daily errands and just to relax later on within the day!

Great perspective

Great perspective for sports fans everywhere!

Great show!

I’ll definitely be tuning in for all future episodes!


I’m not super into sports at all, but have found this podcast pretty interesting, considering :)

Great podcast!

Love the shows, can’t wait for more!!

The Tidal league

Great podcast! Very informative and entertaining!

Great show

Great show, always interesting content!

Excellent podcast!

This podcast is enhancing and informative! This is the perfect choice for a great listen.

Great Content. Love This Show

Really loving to hear the perspectives of players and personnel within the NBA - Trish is a great host, easy and engaging to listen to. Looking forward to next episode. Subscribed rated and will keep sharing.

Thank you!

Trish it a great host!! Looking forward to the next show.

New fave podcast

Love the show, the guests are always great. For all your NBA news this is the place to be.

The Grange

Always great to hear Michael’s perspective of events past and present around the world of the NBA. Great podcast and a must listen.


Really great podcast! What an amazing listen - looking forward to the rest of this season for sure!

Best Sports Podcast

Trish.... let me start by saying your voice, I need that as a recording for bedtime. Content =flawless and what we all need right now. We’re all missing sports so hearing from our hero’s as they quarantine with us is just the little taste of normality we all need. 5/5 would recommend to a friend!

Darryl Teaky

Tidal league podcast...had no idea when I saw it on top podcasts but I love the mavs and gave the Powell episode a go. I’d be interested in tuning in again. Would love to hear an episode with Doncic!!!

Great pod + excited for more!

Trish is an excellent host. Cool to hear how Dwight is handling COVID-19 and being away from the game.

Loved Gary’s story!

I love the concept of this podcast getting to hear from the players and those who mentor and guide them. Can’t wait to see who comes next! One of the best podcasts I’ve heard. The connection between Trish and Gary was obvious - made you feel you were in the room with them!

Really enjoying!

Great episode, cant wait for the next one!

New Favourite Podcast

Even though we’re only two episodes in, I can’t help but get excited at the thought of what this podcast has the potential to be. Highly recommend checking it out!

Super engaging discussion!

Love the rapport between the host and Gary and you can sense they’re both enjoying this discussion. Really interesting content and something a little different in the sports world!

Loved it

I loved it. It's so illuminating listening to big icons and players in the world of basketball and sports in a relaxed and social manner!

Love this

Amazing podcast!! Love the host!


Great conversation. Host was amazing!

Easy listening

Easy listening. Refreshing take on getting to know the players, their love for the game and the culture that surrounds it. Well done Tidal League👏🏻

Great show!

Love Trish as the host - great voice - good content. Keep it up!

Tidal League Podcast

The podcasts have been so inspiring and incredible to listen to. They are always informative and uplifting. Easy listening for a great workout session. I would highly recommend to all young and mature athletes and families.

So good! Inspiring

Premier episode is amazing! Hearing Gary Durrant’s story was incredibly inspiring. I really loved the section on advise for young people that want to get into sports management. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Great podcast!

Great show and interesting concept!

All access

Love. New podcast that highlights real stories among the NBA!

Very cool concept

Looking forward to getting into this podcast! Very insightful interviews so far.

Mr. Rubino

Great listen! Finally something relevant in the sports world with awesome content. Looking forward to next week!

Entertaining and insightful

I really enjoy this podcast. Really easy listen with some inside info on the world of NBA players, agents and coaches!🏀🏀

Well done!

The first few episodes have been amazing to listen to. Trish is a phenomenal host for this podcast. Can not wait for more episodes in the future. Bravo Tidal League Team!

Great Show

Love the content and quality. Excited for more episodes.