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Tidal League Podcast

The hosts Kurt and Trish are incredible! I highly recommend this show to any and all sports industry hopefuls/professionals all over the world! Especially if interested in learning more about the industry and it’s amazing personalities!

Completely Entertaining

Every episode is informative, funny, and an overall enjoyable experience!

Top ✋🏽

“5star nothin less than”- Drake

Great Podcast

Love this podcast‼️ Great NBA takes and very informative, they really know what they are talking about 😀

Overall Review

Great show to listen to if you are into sports and have an open ear. Love the discussion, the comparison and all the topics. Forsure going to start listening to you guys a lot more ! Y’all got my follow!!!!


5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is one of the best podcasts out right now I encourage everybody to listen 💯💯🥇

Tidal League

A great group of individuals who really care about their fans, and produce some of the best content you could ever want.


Great hosts. Great show. Should get more recognition.

Love listening to this while I design!

It’s always good to have sports on in the background when you’re doing anything, especially when they know what they’re talking about.

Great podcast

Love listening to this podcast on my rotation. Great WNBA content!

Great Listen

Glad to listen to a sports podcast that talks about more than just the sport itself. The team has great chemistry and very knowledgeable. HIGHLY recommended!

Great pod

Love this content. Would recommend again and again. Give this a listen now.

Great podcast

Very informative and entertaining podcast, I recommend

Great podcast

Amazing podcast to listen to whenever wherever. I learn so much from it!

Fantastic Podcast

Great chemistry and balance between the co hosts, you can tell they do their homework before they interview someone. They make you feel like you’re a part of the conversation. Also, the questions they ask and topics discussed aren’t just sports, but life as well. It’s interesting to hear athletes perspectives on topics outside of sports. Would highly recommend to anyone even non-sports fans.

If You Good I’m Good 🌊

I came across Tidal League and felt connected immediately. A1 Content. Quality Content. I’m a big believer of energy and this podcast constantly brings the energy. This podcast oozes passion and I love what they stand for. I am one of your biggest fans and I can’t wait to see all your success unfold.

The Tidal League Podcast

Always Love their podcasts and being able to interact with wnba stars

Must listen if you love sports

Just finished listening to the episode with Coach Nick and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Both hosts did a great job of asking dialogue-provoking questions and really allowing their guest to take the reins. Also, I noticed that you guys use very few filler words which really helps the conversation flow smoothly. Great work.

Great Content

Both hosts are knowledgeable and engaging. Really enjoyed the guard whisper podcast.

Great Podcast

Really great podcast with awesome guests. Must listen for any sports fan!

Love this pod!

These guys are amazing and so positive! The interviews are on point! I’m pumped this podcast is around! I’ll be listening to them for a long time!

Great Podcast! A Must Listen!

These Kirk and Trish have some of the most interesting interviews and sports guest! Give them a sub!

What a show 🔥🔥🔥

Just saw my first episode and I am very impressed! Will definitely be listening to more episodes !🔥

A Refreshing Listen

It’s not everyday you get to hear stories about how athletes and, media personalities, and everyone in between experienced their own journeys. The Tidal League team does a great job curating unique content. Well done!

Where I get my sports fix

Great content, amazing guests and super informative🙌❤️

Not Your Typical Sports Pod

Love this show and how it goes beyond any other sports podcast out there. Really engaging content and a smooth sounding host. 5 stars

Tidal League Podcast

The podcasts have been so inspiring and incredible to listen to. They are always informative and uplifting. Easy listening for a great workout session. I would highly recommend to all young and mature athletes and families.

Well done!

The first few episodes have been amazing to listen to. Trish is a phenomenal host for this podcast. Can not wait for more episodes in the future. Bravo Tidal League Team!