Oct. 1, 2021

Will Joel Embiid win MVP?

Will Joel Embiid win MVP?

Will Joel Embiid win MVP?

Does Joel Embiid win MVP in the up coming season? Which would mean back-to-back years with a big man getting the award.  Is there a sleeper pick with Russell Westbrook as MVP?

We get into the politics that go into awards, the preferential treatment given to the media darlings and just how much media dictates the narrative. Trae Young, Bradley Beal, James Harden are all deserving when you look at the numbers. What will it take for Luka Dončić to be deserving of the award?

Who has more to prove this season Zion Williamson or Luka Dončić? The pressure is on Zion to compete for a playoff spot with the New Orleans Pelicans. How can Luka be considered a top-5 player without a second-round playoff appearance?

Devin Booker is under pressure this season to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke otherwise his Suns will be reminiscent of the Miami Heat in the bubble.

Ja Morant needs to prove that he’s worthy of taking that step into the elite category - he’s still with the SGA’s and De'Aaron Fox’s of the world. Especially when he’s talking all that. Kyrie, Trae, Steph, Dame, Chris Paul are all point guards ahead of him.

Jimmy Butler must prove that he’s a number 1 option and carry the Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals at the minimum. Kristaps Porziņģis will return to All-Star form under new head coach Jason Kidd.