Nov. 5, 2021

Klay Thompson a top 75 Player?

Klay Thompson a top 75 Player?

Klay Thompson a top 75 Player?

We are back and we got Warriors insider Monte Poole with us to discuss the 6-1 Golden State Warriors. What does this start mean for the team and the expectations moving forward. The growth of Jordan Poole and why it’s no surprise due to the work he puts in, Jordan is the hardest worker. Should the Warriors have drafted LaMelo Ball? People are quick to write players off instead of giving them 4-5 years to develop before they’re labelled as “busts”. James Wiseman is a special talent, and we can’t judge him off 43 games played in total since college. How promising is this young core and can we develop them with the mix of vets to win a NBA Championship?

Does Steph Curry belong at the table with LeBron and KD as the best player in the world, and if we reversed Steph and Dame’s situation would all things remain the same?

Where does Monta Ellis sit in the top Warriors of all time?

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