Dec. 3, 2021

Is LaMelo Ball an All-Star?

Is LaMelo Ball an All-Star?

Is LaMelo Ball an All-Star?

The Charlotte Hornets are above 500 and have a legitimate chance to be in the mix for a playoff spot or at the least, in the play-in game. LaMelo Ball is leading this team and the conversation must be had. Will he be an All-Star?

Steph Curry can silence a lot of his haters this year if he wins while showing he can shine when the situation is far from favorable. Does Collin Sexton stay and get paid or go to the New York Knicks? You’re starting a franchise, who are you selecting to lead; Jaylen Brown, Brandon Ingram, or LaMelo Ball?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were an afterthought, and nobody had them on the radar this year. The fact is they’re balling and have become the modern-day twin towers of the East. Ahmad come out and declares Evan Mobley as the most talent player in this year’s draft!

With Kyrie gone its exposed James Harden and his thinking that he could come into the season and play himself into basketball shape. He now is reverting back to Houston Rockets like usage.

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