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Luv the title of the Pod and the trailer. Can’t wait to listen. Much needed. The song is hot. 📈

“I am D1 Dad”

I am a new dad to this D1 thing. My baby girl is a freshman basketball player who just finished her first year of playing from the bench of her highschool basketball team, sitting, watching and wondering why aren’t I playing more. This is why and what pushed me to search for more for my daughter and to get that question answered. That search led me to Coach Chris Meadows and “I Am D1. Through this process and journey, I am acquiring answers to that question; Answers that were ugly, needed and truthful, but all in all, ANSWERS. I’m grateful for Coach Chris, the book I Am D1, and this podcasts because as a new dad searching for answers to the whys, what’s and how’s, the answers that are going to define purpose for my daughter in her journey and on her journey to attain basketball greatness, we know that we are in the right direction to produce the manifestation of a dream to play college basketball. Thank you Coach Chris. I will be saying that I am D1 Dad one day because of your influence, information and direction. Blessings be unto you and everything that you do.

Straight Talk on Grassroots Basketball

Chris Meadows shares his wisdom and knowledge around grassroots basketball and what it takes to find success. Players, parents, and coaches will learn the “I am D-1” mentality as they listen. Excited to see where Chris takes this pod!

Coach Chris’ Knowledge is Extensive

This is a must listen podcast for every parent interested in traversing through the world of travel basketball with their child. Coach Meadow’s knowledge of the game is insurmountable. He will give you the tools you need to help your athlete develop a D-1 mindset!


Luv the title of the Pod and the trailer. Can’t wait to listen. Much needed. The song is hot. 📈

The best

Coach Chris Meadows has written an outstanding book to help guide families through the process of travel basketball. His podcast will provide even further detailed content that will help families on the journey to playing Division 1 basketball.