April 21, 2022

Boo Williams life lessons from the legend

Boo Williams life lessons from the legend

Boo Williams life lessons from the legend

When you hear the name Boo Williams what comes to mind? Could it be the never-ending list of superstar players he’s coached or the Elite Grassroots Basketball program he’s built? 

For some, Boo Williams is a name of folklore.  Many high school players & parents don’t even think he’s a real person. 

But he is a real person & He was motivated to build something from nothing… like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Boo thought it would be a neighbourhood thing, he never thought it would be this big. 

In this episode Coach Chris will allow Boo Williams to open up & tell his story in his own words.  He will share how & why he started his program, give his first thoughts on Allen Iverson and why he was special. 

Boo also comes from the heart when he speaks to all players and parents about the state of the game today compared to what it used to be.  

Oh, one more thing… Boo tells us why he still has a vintage old-school flip phone, that’s right and he has no plan to upgrade. 

This episode will captivate you and it’s one you may find yourself listening to over again. 

An American Original… 

Boo Williams

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