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A thoughtful important podcast!

Wendy is so thoughtful and kind in her interviewing. I’m so glad a podcast like this exists, especially since it’s hosted by one of my favourite raptors moms! Such a treat! There is without a doubt a need for more women’s voices in basketball, in sports in general. These moms contributions to their children, especially in elite level sports is massive: long drives, unconditional support and so much more. It’s so beautiful to be able to understand a player and their life better through their mother with this special podcast. Its always important to appreciate all the moms out there and their undying love and contribution to their children and who they grow up to be.

Great perspective

This is the type of podcast that gives you a point of view that just isn’t available at the moment. Terrific insights at the very least. Bravo!

Perfect idea!

This podcast has shown to be the only podcast focusing on NBA/WNBA mothers. Very cool concept!!

Personal experience

If you ever want a personal experience with the players mom from NBA and WNBA, this is the show for you! They give great answers and you get to know them on a more personal level! Great podcast!

Love this!

Absolutely love Courtside Moms. Such great insight into the players we all love to watch & follow on their professional journey. Wendy is an awesome host. Freddie Gillespie’s mom was one of my favs. T

Inside scoop

Love seeing a more inside view of players personal lives and how they grew up.

Fantastic podcast

Love this perspective. Wendy is great!

great podcast

really insightful and wholesome

Court Side Moms

Excellent Podcast!

Different perspective

Love hearing the mothers side of a players path too and through the NBA/WNBA.

Court-Side Wendy!!

Love Wendy and all of these episodes. Learn so much about some of our favourite players! We need some more OKC moms on the show. 👀

Wendy is so great

I love this show, Wendy brings out the best interviews in these moms!

Must listen for anyone

Whether you’re a huge basketball fan, big on family, or just appreciate the modern day success story. This podcast is amazing you get to hear the human story from your favourite pro basketball players from their moms!

A lovely podcast

I am very happy to have discovered this podcast. It is a terrific listen. The interview style is fantastic and the stories are warm and inspiring. A great add for any basketball fan.

Fantastic podcast and needed perspective

Courtside Moms is the best! One of only three sports podcasts I listen to, and offering a completely unique perspective in basketball journalism. Every episode reinforces the fact that all these athletes (and really all celebrities) come from a family and a community supporting them, and gives so much context to players' journeys. Not to mention just the charm of the host, Wendy! Highly recommended.

Love this podcast

I love learning about the players in the NBA. It makes watching the games so much more interesting. This podcast is amazing. Hearing the moms talk about their kids is such a unique way to learn about the players before they were NBA stars.

Great behind the scenes perspective!

I really enjoy listening to these interviews with one of the most important behind-the- scenes people in a professional athlete’s career - their mom! I’ve always had huge respect for the moms who had to sacrifice so much so their kids could succeed. One of the reasons I watch sports is for the human element and the stories behind the game and this podcast is a great complement to that! I’m a mom myself too, so it’s also quite enlightening to listen to their thoughts on the challenges of raising successful kids too!

Fantastic Podcast

Such a wholesome and fun podcast!

Awesome and Unique Content

Love listening! An excellent podcast. Amazing in-depth content on professional athletes. I enjoy the unique perspective that is being told from the mothers of the athletes - very refreshing! Keep up the great work!

Court-Side Mom’s

Great conversations between women who have interesting stories from a mother’s perspective. Host asks thoughtful questions and leaves time for complete answers. Very enjoyable.

Interview with Marie

Amazing interview with Marie! Loved learning about Kyle's journey to the NBA. Loved Marie's emotion. Thanks for sharing Kyle's story Marie! Loving the podcast.

Loved listening in

Podcast was very engaging and insightful

Amazing stories

Love hearing all the stories from the only people that can tell them. Keep up the great content!


Just a really nice behind the scenes look at your favourite players. A unique basketball podcast!

Court side Moms is like having coffee with friends!

Have just started listening to this podcast and love so much about it: 1) done by a Canadian Basketball Mom 2) diverse perspectives on the game and life off the court from those instrumental in players’ success 3) such authenticity in the conversations- I feel like we are sitting around a table and having a coffee chat Highly recommend this podcast- a delight to hear from all of the moms across the NBA!

Great Podcast

Hey I love the idea of getting a unqiue prepective of some of your favourite hoopers from some of the people that know them the best, their Mothers. The Marie epsiode is amazing, the emotions that were brought out were rare and real. Wendy is great as an interviewer and I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Be safe everyone!! Andrew

Great podcast

I enjoy listening to Wendy and her guests. Getting to know more about players through their mom is really nice.


I am so happy that I found this Podcast! What a great idea. Wendy is such a wonderful host. I am enjoying the insights and perspectives that these proud moms are sharing!

The power behind the power 💪🏾

Fantastic podcast! Really gives you a behind the scenes look at your fav players - these women are the strength behind these guys! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤗

Always Listen to Moms!

Court-Side Moms is such a great and fun perspective to have! I love hearing the Moms talk about their sons who I’ve come to know and love on the court. A must listen for basketball fans! Especially Raptors fans! ❤️💜❤️


Amazing ladies who have raised some amazing kids! Love the insight, the knowledge and opinion of these ladies! Can’t wait to enjoy more and more!


Love it, very entertaining.

Dope podcast

Court side Moms is a must listen to if you’re a basketball fan!

Love this podcast!

Great episodes. Especially loved your newest episodes with Marie Holloway 🙌🏼

Five stars

An essential podcast for anyone who loves basketball and wants to learn more about their favourite players.

Wonderful show!

As a fan of the NBA, it’s very interesting to listen to the stories of the moms of the basketball players.

Love it!

Such an interesting perspective. Love the show!

Amazing perspective!

Great Podcast, it's amazing to see this other part of the players and their families stories and who better to go through that than their mothers 💯

Great insight into all your favourite players!

Love hearing all the stories from the amazing women who raised these athletes!

Best Podcast!

absolutely love this podcast and highly recommend to anyone who loves the NBA!

Love this podcast!

So great to get the perspective give from the women who raised these incredible athletes!


A lovely basketball podcast from the unique perspective of mom. Wendy is a phenomenal host!

True to the game

Absolutely love listening to the podcast from different perspective of the game & hope it goes along way Go Raptors! We The North

Great podcast!

Court side moms is such a great podcast- love hearing these stories from “mom’s” perspective. I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far but each has brought a tear to my eye. And Wendy has such a soothing voice! Such a pleasure to listen to. Behind every great man, there is a great mom!!!

Time very well spent

Wendy is a fantastic host having lived the court-side mom life. She is able to connect with the guests and get wonderful nuggets out of them with her interview style. The q&a is also a really wonderful way to have us regular folk connect with both Wendy and the guests. I am new to this podcast but I am now starting to listen to some of the back episodes.

Great podcast!

Love listening to this podcast and always look forward to new episodes. It give a great insight into players, how they got to where they are today, and who they are as people. Great interviews and conversations!

Amazing podcast

Great job from the host and all the guests, as they provide an insightful look into the life of an NBA player and their families!

Courtside Moms a Must for NBA fans

I’m a Raptors fan, and it’s perfect that Wendy the host of this show is the mom of a Raptor, Khem Birch. On top of that, it’s a pleasant surprise that Wendy is so professional - I don’t know Wendy’s background, but she’s just like a professional TV or media host who has been doing this for years! As an NBA fan, this is the best place to get more insider knowledge of your favorite player. Very well done!

Love it

Very interesting to hear what goes on behind the scenes. Wendy is an excellent host, the interviews are lively and upbeat.

Amazing stories

Loved learning about the more personal side of players from their moms perspectives. Very interesting!

Love this show!

Not only did we get an amazing addition to the Raptors with Khem Birch but I was introduced to his mom Wendy and her great podcast! She really get the moms to open open and we get insights into the players that we wouldn’t normally. I’m hooked ❤️

A must listen

This is truly such an entertaining podcast. Each episode is powerful, inspiring, and insightful. We’re able to connect and take a sense of perspective from each guest on here. Hands down best podcast !

Hits all the high notes

Where do I begin?! Ms. Wendy, thank you for bringing us such in-depth and fabulous conversations!! It’s what we’ve been looking for... a refreshing take on podcasts from a multi-talented, strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman. We are so happy to have you and Khem on this journey with the Raptors organization. The best is yet to come!! #WeTheNorth Ivana

Great podcast

As die-hard Raptors fan, it was a pleasure to find this podcast by Khem Birch’s mom. So interesting to hear the stories from the “mom perspective” as a mom to an athlete myself. No matter what sport, us Moms share many of the same stories.


Great In Depth interview with the Raptors favourite Mom!

So insightful!

The women who helped create the athletes we know and love! What a great idea and a great podcast. It’s always a fun listen!

Delightful and insightful

The Marie Holloway (mother of Kyle Lowry) episode was so wonderful and touching. Learned so much about Kyle and his journey and the journey of his family. Required listening for all Raptors fans and fans of Kyle Lowry.

Good stuff!

Love the concept, great work! Neat insight!

Finally a Podcast For the Great Moms Behind the Great Players!

Love this podcast! As a child of a strong single mom, hearing the stories of the resilience of these amazing women who raised not just champion NBA stars but also good human beings, made my heart sing. Wendy Sparks has a delightfully warm and personal interview style and really knows how to bring out the stories and personality of each of her interviewees. For me, getting to hear some of the funniest and most heartwarming stories of my favourite NBA players growing up is a great way to start my day on my commute to work. Looking forward to more!

Mothers, moments, memories and milestones

Court-side Moms is uniquely precious! The warmth, deep interest and honesty in Wendy Sparks’ questions are rewarded by similar responses from the mothers on this podcast. NBA mothers speak of the children they’ve raised who their fans know as celebrated athletes.

So Good!

I love this podcast thanks so much! My favourite so far is with Kyle Lowry’s mother Marie but I’ve listened to several and they’re all great! I love the perspective of courtside moms! I’m so glad I finally found this podcast!

Love it!

Love the show! Seeing the perspective from the moms side is very interesting

Court-Side Moms

Love love Court-Side Moms podcast. I’m a huge Raptors fan and it’s so exciting that she is now part of the Raptors family - Khem is an awesome player. Wendy is so sweet and her guests have been awesome! The recent Marie Holloway interview🥰! It’s so fun to hear the stories as we learn a little about their sons’ journeys to the NBA.🏀❤️🏀❤️ Vicki Ponzo-Wolfs

New perspective

A new perspective on NBA players and their upbringings. Great listen!

Good content

I’ve recently started tuning in. And I must say, I have been enjoying the content so far. Keep up the good work.

A Must listen

What a great podcast! It is so interesting to hear the other side of things. Wendy asks the questions we are all so curious about! Loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the next one!

Great podcast

Love this unique podcast idea. Wendy is a natural interviewer. Love hearing all the stories from the moms and how they supported their children’s dreams. So inspiring!

A must listen for NBA fans!

So fun and sweet to learn about the NBA from the moms’ perspective! If you love your players the way we Raptors fans do then you’ll love this podcast by Khem Birch’s mom. It’s great!

Court side Moms!

Love hearing from the these strong women who raised these men with such perseverance and determination. Hats off!

Insights from the source

All NBA stories from the women who raised them!


Such a cool concept interviewing the moms of stars

Love these stories

Such a great perspective

Mom’s Front and Centre

As a mom to a young hooper love the perspective from these amazing moms. Listened since episode 1 and love seeing the growth of Wendy and the show as a whole. You guys have got a gem here. Keep it up.

5 stars!

Love this podcast. Such an interesting perspective to hear from mothers!

Quality Content!

Great content that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained!


So cool to listen to this with my mom and reflect on our times of her taking me to practice and games!

Great Show

Love hearing these mom’s perspectives.

Amazing Show

Love getting the behind the scenes stories on some of my favourite pro basketball players. Moms are day ones and number ones. Awesome show.


Following NBA players and pro players stories is fascinating. Hearing it from their moms perspective is unique, and truly inspiring. Go listen!

Love court-side moms !

Love this podcast! The insights and perspectives of these moms are inspiring and I love hearing what it was like to raise these incredible young men. It changes the way you view professional athletes and helps you realize the humanity and vulnerability of our athletics heros!

Awesome insights you can't get anywhere else!

This podcast has been super informative on what it's like raising a high profile athlete. Wendy is incredibly charming and it really seems like the guests are incredibly comfortable telling her their stories. Can't wait for more to come!

Awesome podcast and inspiring!

This is an awesome way to highlight the impact of mothers and women in the lives of high profile athlete. The story behind the story!