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Insights from the source

All NBA stories from the women who raised them!


Such a cool concept interviewing the moms of stars

Love these stories

Such a great perspective

Mom’s Front and Centre

As a mom to a young hooper love the perspective from these amazing moms. Listened since episode 1 and love seeing the growth of Wendy and the show as a whole. You guys have got a gem here. Keep it up.

5 stars!

Love this podcast. Such an interesting perspective to hear from mothers!

Quality Content!

Great content that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained!


So cool to listen to this with my mom and reflect on our times of her taking me to practice and games!

Great Show

Love hearing these mom’s perspectives.

Amazing Show

Love getting the behind the scenes stories on some of my favourite pro basketball players. Moms are day ones and number ones. Awesome show.


Following NBA players and pro players stories is fascinating. Hearing it from their moms perspective is unique, and truly inspiring. Go listen!

Love court-side moms !

Love this podcast! The insights and perspectives of these moms are inspiring and I love hearing what it was like to raise these incredible young men. It changes the way you view professional athletes and helps you realize the humanity and vulnerability of our athletics heros!

Awesome insights you can't get anywhere else!

This podcast has been super informative on what it's like raising a high profile athlete. Wendy is incredibly charming and it really seems like the guests are incredibly comfortable telling her their stories. Can't wait for more to come!

Awesome podcast and inspiring!

This is an awesome way to highlight the impact of mothers and women in the lives of high profile athlete. The story behind the story!