Hip Hop Hoops X Tidal League





The show will be a co-production between Hip Hop Hoops and Tidal League. 

TORONTO, May 18th, 2022 – Hip Hop Hoops, the home of all things related to hip-hop music, and the basketball industry, will launch on the Tidal League Podcast Network. Providing an engaging platform that consists of reputable and reliable content, as it relates to the hip-hop and basketball industry. Highlighting and exploring the basketball and hip-hop culture, through a positive, productive, and propelling lens. Hosted by Anthony Ighodaro and Christopher Blackwood. 

“Basketball and Hip-Hop means so much more than people realize, to the fabric of so many societies.” Said Anthony Ighodaro, Creator of Hip Hop Hoops. “Hip Hop Hoops was birthed from a conversation I often had, with Sherrese Carby, the cofounder of Hip Hop Hoops, about being determined to be authentic and honest, when having conversations about, celebrating and highlighting everything related to the game of basketball and the influential worlds Hip Hop exists within; I know, because of everything Tidal League stands for and produces, being part of the Tidal League family is going to support and propel this very goal we have, so I am very excited about this journey!” 

“Since 2020, Hip Hop Hoops has been providing that authentic Canadian basketball and HipHop content showcasing the greats of our past, present, and future. I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Tidal League Podcast Network and ready to build some more.” Said Christopher Blackwood, Host of Hip hop Hoops. 

“Hip Hop Hoops is at the center of music and sport.” Said Kurt Benson, CEO & Founder of Tidal League. “Hip Hop Hoops is influential and captivating, and we are privileged to be a part of the legacy they are building.” 

About Hip Hop Hoops:

Hip Hop Hoops is a media podcast, which features discussions, analysis and highlights related to hip-hop music, and the basketball industry, culture, experiences, and happenings. HHH functions, based on the premise that expression, honesty, authenticity, voice, excellence, creativity, talent, development, opportunity, community, connection, networking, relationships, bonding, career creation, development and so much more are all interconnected, within the existences of hip-hop and basketball. Keeping this in mind, the HHH podcast forum exists, to inspire, motivate, showcase, discuss, develop and create opportunities for staff and guests to share, explore, address and express authentic voices, concerning true lived realties, for the benefit of its audience. Furthermore, HHH is dedicated to modeling and producing high-quality branding and products.

About Tidal League: 

Tidal League is a sports and culture podcast network, covering unique stories from change makers, leaders, and influencers globally. We are creating a matrix that challenges traditional media norms, pushing the boundaries in the media landscape. By connecting listeners to the next generation of stories, we’re building deep-rooted synergies between fans and athletes. Tune into one of our shows anywhere, anytime. #PoweredbyPassion

 Tidal League Media Contact: 

Keegan Poulton 



Hip Hop Hoops Media Contact: 

Sherrese Carby