What is the Tidal League Tournament? +

The Tidal League Tournament is a summer Pro-Am basketball tournament that will be hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 9 to 11, 2019. The weekend-long event (Friday to Sunday) will bring high-level talent and dedicated fans to the city of Halifax. We plan to showcase the city’s basketball culture, its talent, support and why it is an ideal tourist destination.

How and when can I purchase tickets? +

Tickets for the event will go on sale in early 2019 and will be available online through our website.

Will I be able to watch the games online? +

Yes, the games will be available for streaming online.

Can I buy Tidal League merch? +

Tidal League apparel is available now for a limited time pre-order. Don't miss your chance!

How can I support Tidal League? +

Tidal League is fully funded by enthusiastic sponsors and donors. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or want to learn more about getting involved contact us at info@tidalleague.com.

How does Tidal League create a lasting impact on basketball in Nova Scotia? +

We are committed to making a lasting impact for basketball programs in Nova Scotia. Not only are we highlighting Halifax as a hub for elite basketball, but we are also donating 20% of all proceeds to a fund that supports basketball in Nova Scotia.

Who can play in the Tidal League Tournament? +

We are selecting players from the University-age and up to play in the tournament. Each team will have a balance of elite pro and amateur players. This gives the opportunity for a diverse range of player sets and to play on one court and promises to make for an electric competition.