Dr. Travis McDonough

Dr. Travis McDonough | Tidal League Advisor

Travis McDonough - Tidal League - Advisory Board.jpg

Dr. Travis McDonough is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Kinduct - a company working to help people all over the world make data-driven decisions about their health, training and physical performance. Travis’ vision has both transformed and shaped the modern sports-tech market into a global phenomenon as Kinduct works with many professional sports teams, leagues and athletes. Dr. McDonough has a vast amount of experience and success creating specialized businesses in the health, sport, fitness and technology markets.

Travis’s love of sports and the fact that he is located in Halifax makes for him being a huge value add in having him join the Tidal League Advisory board. Travis will be providing a more analytical perspective when dealing with brands, coaches and players as Tidal League continues to build out our roster of players that we manage. We are extremely excited to be working alongside such an innovative industry leader in sports.