Randy Osei

Randy Osei | Tidal League Advisor

Randy Osei - Tidal League - Advisory Board.png

Randy Osei is a talented and coveted NBA player-manager, a celebrated athlete, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Randy - “aka Randy Rozaay” founder of Rozaay Management is has a natural eye for identifying talent and mentoring talented individuals to help them meet and exceed their full potential.

Randy Osei is extremely effective at leveraging his network to create much larger opportunities, whether that be through creating social change or creating unique opportunities unheard of for less fortunate communities. To exemplify the magnitude of Randy and Rozaay Management’s global charitable impact they have conducted events collecting over 550 pairs of shoes and over 1000 books which have impacted more than 600 families in Ghana through his charity appropriately name the Rozaay Management Book and Sneaker Drive!

Randy’s mission aligns perfect with the mission of Tidal League, as his company prides itself on expert relationship building, loyalty and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders (the fans, the players and the organizations). His talents are also diversified to include exceptional event production, brand ambassadorship and consulting in marketing communications -all which fall under Tidal League’s large vision.

We are ecstatic to have added Randy Osei to our stacked advisory board. With his strong reputation, priceless knowledge within the basketball industry, passion for social change, and hustle-hard work ethic, Randy is going to be a key driver to the success of the Tidal League Tournament.

We are blessed to have “Randy Rozaay” on the Tidal League team and he is excited to have an everlasting positive impact on elite basketball in Canada.